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Mar 4, 2014 12:00pm PST
is -- petroglyphs. >> okay wait. pet row aggressives? >> pet row aggressive -- p. e. t. r. o. g. l. y. p. h. s.. >> perfect. you got it. >> pet row aggressives. >> that's right. >> i get a round of applause too. >> you are 4-4. >> what is frank mallicoat? >> i think he only got one right today. >> is that right? 1-what? >> you and i both know he's a horrible speller. >> but he is -- he's great at trying and that's fun watching him struggle through those. >> i think we need to start asking you now. >> no because i'm a horrible speller too. >> can you spell commercial? [ laughter ] can you spell break? >> yeah, hurry up. >>> all right, well instant fame for delivering a pizza. meet the man who made his showbiz debut at the oscars. ,,,, covered california is howet californians can take advantage of the affordable care act. we can help you get quality health insurance right now. to sign up, call 800-890-7561 or go to you can also use our website to find local, in-person help. there's not much time left - open enrollment ends soon. so call 800-890-7561, or go to, and ge
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1